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Lyra Puspa

EEG correlates of Executive Coaching – a possible biomarker as evidence of the impact of coaching

Theme: Approach/school/theory
Area: Coaching
Type: My research (completed)
Keywords: coaching, executive coaching, leadership, qEEG, neural correlates, brainwaves

Session on Thursday, Jul 4th, 15:25
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Coaching is about change and growth. From a neuroscience perspective, coaching is basically stimulating client’s brain plasticity through meaningful conversation. Despite the rise of interest towards applied neuroscience to enhance coaching skills, empirical studies around the neural mechanism underlying a real coaching session and the coaching impact towards cortical activity are extremely limited.

This presentation will explore the cutting edge of applied neuroscience study will show how brain-based coaching intervention may induce significant changes on brain activity. The study is the first attempt to explore the cortical activities during a 1-2-1 full coaching session using qEEG analyses. The current study has indicated that coaching – specifically the CARE Coaching Model – creates significant effects on the activity of the brain. There were neural correlates dynamics revealed across all stages of CARE Model. Professional coaches will understand the neural mechanisms underlying some critical issues in coaching such as goal-setting, self-awareness, decision-making, as well as building commitment and accountability.


Lyra Puspa is the President and Founder of Vanaya Coaching International, a leading coaching company in Indonesia that focuses on corporate and digital transformation through coaching intervention and neuroscience technology. She is a unique combination of a Strategic Transformation Coach as well as a Business and Organisational Neuroscientist.

She has coached hundreds of Corporate CEOs, Fortune 500 top executives, entrepreneurs, and investors with more than 5,000 coaching hours. As a long-life learner, she is currently finishing her PhD in Applied Neuroscience of Coaching Psychology at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK and simultaneously taking an executive post graduate program in Leadership and Strategy at MIT Sloan of Management, USA. Aligning the cutting edge of science and technology with business impact through coaching approach is her commitment. In this journey, Lyra Puspa became the Chairman of Indonesian Applied Neuroscience Synergy Association (SINTESA) that promotes collaboration among multidisciplinary experts and practitioners in applied neuroscience. Lyra is the pioneer of brain-based coaching in South-East Asia, she develops the 1st brain-based coaching method: CARE Model that is clinically-tested with modern neuroscience technology.

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