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Jacqueline McCartney

Evidence Based Reflection = Refexivity?

Theme: Approach/school/ theory
Area: Coaching
Type: My research (a workshop on how to apply it in practice)
Keywords: reflection, reflexivity, learning

Session on Friday, Jul 5th, 10:25
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This session is specifically designed as a workshop in support of translating research and theory into practice and practical
application. An highly interactive session is anticipated, with opportunities for exploration, practice and learning.


Dr Jacki McCartney is a Systemic Transformational Coach. Her approach to coaching is not about teaching or curing or changing a
person – Jacki regards Executive Coaching as a strategic business investment. Her approach is about exploring how to work with
an individual to agree how as coach, she can develop a relationship and act as a ‘sounding board’ which this person may use to
realise his/her own potential and purpose within a team and organisational setting. An experienced Executive Coach, Jacki’s
approach to the coaching process is rooted in systems thinking.

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