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Trish Brady

Exploring the deeper structure of the coaching supervision process – key findings from an auto-ethnographic study into a coaching supervision relationship

Theme: Approach/school/ theory
Area: Supervision
Type: My research (completed)
Keywords: coaching supervision, auto-ethnography, process, social learning, contingent scaffolding

Session on Friday, Jul 5th, 13:50
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Join me to explore how I used an auto-ethnographic approach to explore the deeper structures and processes of coaching supervision.
In this session I will discuss the findings of my research that reveals an underlying social learning process at the heart of generative supervision, with supervisor and supervisee engaged in an emergent co-constructed learning space occupied by supervisor and supervisee that relies on trust and the willingness to be honest and at times vulnerable.

I will share my research findings and invite participants to share ideas, thoughts, and perspectives from their own practice


Trish Brady has been a qualified coach for over for 17 years and working as a coach supervisor for seven years. Underpinning that she has over 15 years’ experience in senior management and interim roles up to CEO, and over 30 years’ experience of supporting development in organisations, businesses, teams and individuals.

Trish is passionate about the value of reflective practice, and enjoys facilitating exploration using systemic and creative models. She specialises in supporting social change agents and in facilitating slow thinking space for leaders and change agents in complex, high-pressure environments.

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