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Antoinette Braks

Adopting a multiple-case study research approach to identify the key drivers in executive coaching that liberate later stage leadership development

Theme: Approach/school/theory
Area: Coaching
Type: My research (completed)
Keywords: leadership development, executive coaching, adult development, stage leadership development, strategist

Session on Thursday, Jul 4th, 15:25
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Antoinette Braks is the Founder of the growing SHIFT Coaching Community. She is dedicated to promoting and overseeing SHIFT Leadership Programmes around the world, while guiding and encouraging the SHIFT Coaching Community through Certification Programs and Coaching Supervision.

Antoinette is herself an accomplished Executive Coach with more than 3,500 coaching hours. She has been consulting and coaching in Stage Leadership Development for 15 years. Her PhD thesis is in Executive Coaching and Developmental Psychology. Antoinette researched the dynamics and drivers that enabled high performing Achievers to quickly become inspiring, transforming leaders at Strategist.

Her extensive coaching, consulting and corporate leadership experience over the last 35 years has been in the energy, infrastructure, business, engineering and financial services sectors e.g. HSBC, RPS and Shell; with consulting firms Korn Ferry and Hudson; and across the NSW public sector: Education, Family & Community Services, Finance, Services & Innovation, Health, Police, Primary Industries and Transport.


How can we best measure the efficacy of executive coaching?
How can we best discover the key drivers of leadership development?
How can we best advance executive coaching as a highly valuable intervention?

As a practiced executive coach yet amateur researcher, I wanted to see what sort of difference I was actually making to my executive clients. Was it more than the opportunity to reflect and unwind, conjecture and collaborate? Could I actually facilitate leadership development to later stages of adult maturity? Could what I had learned, implemented and discovered in my developmental journey as an executive and seeker, really help senior executives flourish in their roles and make more of a significant impact in the world around them?

Armed with these questions, I embarked on an empirical research study as part of my PhD. I will walk you through my methodology, analytical processes and various conundrums along the way as I worked through the challenge of academic research set in a real-world context. I will also share my conceptual and theoretical research findings in the relatively unknown world of generating the shift from being a high performing Achiever to the less commonly held stages of Catalyst and Strategist.

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