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Judie Gannon & Carmelina Lawton Smith

Mapping approaches to mentoring scheme management and the role of mentoring scheme co-ordinators

Theme: Context
Area: Mentoring
Type: My research (ongoing)
Keywords: mentoring, mentoring schemes, formal mentoring, mentoring scheme co-ordination

Session on Friday, Jul 5th, 11:50
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This session will report the interim results from a large scale survey of formal mentoring schemes and their management. Despite the growth of formal mentoring interventions, little is known about the prevalence or scale of formal mentoring. There are several empirical studies which suggest that formal mentoring is less efficacious than informal mentoring, yet more formal mentoring schemes continually emerge across diverse settings. This study sets out to report on the purpose of formal mentoring schemes, the forms of mentoring adopted, their location, longevity and sources of funding and support. It will also report on their management, including the extent to which they formalize the mentoring interventions at the heart of the scheme. It will also draw out the challenges faced by formal mentoring schemes and the ways such problems are tackled. The final insights will focus on those who manage formal mentoring schemes, the skills they use and the support they receive in nurturing these developmental relationships and the tasks involved in mentoring scheme coordination. The aim is to unveil best practice in formal mentoring schemes and their management and offer insights in to how their coordinators can be supported and developed in their roles.


Dr Judie Gannon is a senior lecturer in the International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies (ICCaMs) at Oxford Brookes University (UK). Originally a manager in the international hotel industry Judie pursued a PhD (Oxford Brookes University 2007) exploring the resourcing and development of managers in international hotel companies. She teaches and supervises students on the MA and Doctorate in Coaching & Mentoring. Judie has developed and supported several mentoring schemes across different sectors and has written and presented academic and practitioner papers in the areas of international human resource management, management development, coaching, and mentoring. She reviews for several high profile academic journals and serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching & Mentoring.

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