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Muhsine Itir Ozgen, Burak Sait Yorulmaz & Nasmina Aksoy

S-Peers – developing life skills through student-to-student mentoring at the universities

Theme: Mentoring
Area: Related Fields
Type: My research (a workshop on how to apply it in practice)
Keywords: peer mentoring, relationship management, communication, strategic thinking, experiential learning, well-being

Session on Friday, Jul 5th, 10:25
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This experiential workshop will start with the presentation of S-Peer program at Koc University. The presentation will cover the following items:

  • Background information about S-Peer student-driven programmes
  • Recruitment of new comers
  • Building the buddy system for training new comers
  • Regular meetings for supervising peer mentors on experiential learning materials and debriefing process
  • Presenting and launching the programme in other universities
  • Training volunteer faculty as supervisors in other universities
  • Establishing buddy system in other universities
  • Organising joint events for disseminating the impact of the programme in different universities.

After a ten-minute presentation, two activities of the programme will be simulated with the participation of attendees. The presenters will facilitate the whole process and lead the discussion part at the end. Two things will be discussed: (a) attendees’ feelings and reflections about the activities and (b) how they plan to implement the program in their own context.


Muhsine Ozgen is a faculty member at Koç University (Turkey) in the field of Human and Organisational Development with professional experience, public speaking, client interaction skills, and eight years background in higher education in the student affairs department of an institution values diversity, encourages creative collaboration, and cultivates global citizens.

Burak Sait Yorulmaz & Nasmina Aksoy are currently studying law and psychology, respectively at Koç University (Turkey). They have been peer mentoring for three years. They have different approaches due to their disciplines yet practices of S-Peer groups taught them to understand each other, so they’re motivated to pass this gain on to other peers from other backgrounds.

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